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Comprehensive Lifestyle Planning

Everyone is beautifully unique and creating an optimal and unique health plan for you is what we do, therefore it is a good idea to start with a comprehensive health assessment or what we like to call your health story!

What is Included in a Comprehensive Health Assessment?

Evaluation of past and present testing

Assessment of past and current health history/background

Assessment of Food Intake and Patterns of Eating

Assessment of Environmental Conditions

Evaluation of Clients Passion and Motivation to change or enhance lifestyle pattern

Diagnostic Testing (optional but recommended in some cases)

Start your Journey to Better Health

Pediatric / Adult Intake Form

Health Questionnaire

  • Step 3: If you feel this is the right service for you, Schedule your Complete Assessment appointment
  • Step 4: You will receive your Complete Health Plan after evaluation of your Individual Health Story and Goals
  • Step 5: Ongoing Support and information available to support you on your journey.
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Concerned About the Health of Friends & Loved Ones?

Group sessions offered where you can gather a group of family or friends can attend one of a presentation or workshop on a topic of your choice, as it relates to healthy living and solutions to chronic conditions.  Contact Us for more information.

Get Your Gut Check

Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing for Colon Health Now Available. This test is much more efficient and accurate than a colonoscopy and offers many more parameters to detect gut health than many other tests available. Contact us today, tell us your health story and find out how to obtain a kit. * Testing is included in our 90-day Wellness Program.

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  • REFRESH ME  | 10 Day Detox
  • RECHARGE ME  | 10 Day Weight Loss
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- About -

In My Nature Enterprises that offers health and nutrition education, training and support for anyone seeking answers or the root cause of common and uncommon health problems.

Not only do we offer in-depth assessments, testing, and support but we focus on YOU the individual and do not take a one size fits all approach. 

I realize that it may take various types of therapies and resources in order to get the body back into balance and to remain that way, therefore I have armed myself with a team of professionals with various talents and backgrounds to assist you on the journey to wellness.  The team includes, Acupuncturists, Chefs, Massage therapists, Mind Body Practitioners, and more.  I also continue to grow the business to include all of the resources and support you may need in one place so you no longer have to shop and google for answers when you can spend that time resolving the problem and focus on living a healthy lifestyle.

Meet April Shabazz


I have been a strong proponent of integrative medicine and “self-care” for over 15 years. After suffering myself from serious gastrointestinal issues that went undiagnosed for 5 years; and for many years watching far too many family members and friends suffer from chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.), I made a commitment to research and learn as much as possible in order to teach and support others how to navigate the process of health in the most effective way.  

I have been successful at doing just that after changing my diet and lifestyle, experiencing different alternative therapies (some that work and some that did not).  In addition, I completed and committed to continuous study in the areas of Biochemistry, Nutrition, Wellness Cuisine preparation, Functional Medicine, Herbal Medicine and other Holistic modalities to learn how the body functions, what causes dysfunction and how to bring it back to balance.  

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