The Elements: 90-Day Wellness Program

The Elements Wellness program is a guided detox program designed to help you make life-long changes to achieve lasting results that can reactivate your mind body and spirit on a much deeper level.


- What You Get From the Elements Program -

Personalized Plan

A cleanse and activity plan just for your body.

One-to-One Consultations

Regular private consultations with April.


Scheduled weight, blood pressure, and sugar checks. 


Weekly group discussions, and a cohort of friends to keep you on track.

- Who is the Program For? -

  • Anyone who has one or multiple chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid issues, GI issues
  • Anyone who has not been successful with other diet or lifestyle programs
  • Anyone ready to address the whole self
  • Anyone who is looking for a program with support
  • Anyone who knows they want a change but don’t quite know where to begin

- How Does the Program Work?-

It is generally a 90-day program dealing with each element at a time beginning with an introductory video, activities to complete and weekly group discussions. Once each section is completed you can go on to the next stage. 

Phase 1: Relieve Me

Opening and accessing the power of the mind. Having a clearer perspective on life, setting intentions and releasing unwanted mental baggage is important in being successful in any life-changing program. The goal of this phase is to give you the air to breathe, mentally and physically so you can adapt to the changes in your physical body. Sometimes in this phase, many will see successful results before embarking on any other aspect of the program. The weight of our mind could be half of the physical pounds we carry around every day and the cause of many chronic conditions. 

Phase 2: Refresh Me

Water is healing, flowing and releasing that which has impacted you mentally, physically and spiritually. Many pounds are often lost in the phase because you are activating the body’s natural response to heal and repair.

Phase 3: Rescue Me

Fire can either heal or harm us. In this phase, we are focusing on adapting to what is right for our individual body and mind. This is preparation for the final space around us and setting the foundation as a source we can always come back to when we need to recharge and renew our entire body system.

Phase 4: Recharge Me

Uprooting the old negative and healthy habits, endotoxins and energies in order to allow you to feel more rooted and safe in your being.  Learning how to maintain a position and feeling of foundation and support in any aspect of life. Grounding energy. 

Phase 5: Renew Me

Learning how to find the balance in among all phases to gain of sense of being holistically. – constant interaction of all of the elements together.

Cleanse Responsibly

The program is divided into 10-day increments over the course of three months to avoid your body becoming overburdened with a rapid release of toxins that happens many times on juice and water fasts and sometimes colon cleanses.

- Benefits -

Here is what you can expect to take away from the Elements Program.

  • Detailed Instructions on how to detoxify your entire system (not just your colon or liver like many other programs)
  • Our Comprehensive Preparation Guide
  • Products Kit or references to products you can purchase on your own (we are not in this to make money off of marketing products. We really want you to feel better and educate you so you can educate others!)
  • Recipes and Food lists
  • Guidance on how to eat out while on this program
  • Ongoing support: One check-in per week with a health coach is included  but additional support is available if necessary
  • Access to our closed members’ site to share your experiences, recipes and, successes with others who are in the program.
  •  Prepared Meals or Meal Kits also available prepared by trained chefs that know what is best for many different food allergies, intolerance and preferences – we have more than just gluten-free options we also consider those who are histamine intolerant as well
  • Discounts to various products and resources will be available on your private page once you sign up (practitioners, supplements, meals, and much more)
  • Lifetime access 
  • Convenient multimedia training 

Online and on Your Schedule

The Elements Program is self-paced so you can go back and review previous portions of the programs as necessary utilizing the guidebooks or setting up professional individual consultations if necessary. 

This guided cleanse program is based online so you can participate from home or anywhere you happened to be. You’ll access all the educational content and resources through our online platform where you can watch the videos, ask questions and connect with other members going through the program.

- Your Guide April Shabazz -

Hi, I’m April, I will be your Health Coach through the program.

I will help you learn and navigate the process based on your personal needs and conditions so that the experience is not stressful and much more efficient to get to the Root of the problem to ensure lasting results.

I will give my honest and educated assessment but it is you who will drive the success of your journey. I will be with you each step of the way

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