Nutrition and Wellness for Chronic Conditions

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April is the consulting division of IMN Enterprises that offers health and nutrition education, training and support for anyone seeking answers or the root cause of common and uncommon health problems. Not only do we offer in-depth assessments, testing, and support but we focus on YOU the individual and do not take a one size fits all approach.  

Wellness Programs

 Assessments and guidance toward a healthier lifestyle. 

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Professional grade supplements. 

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Wellness Teas

 Customized blends of herbals teas for wellness. 

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Food Plans

Plant-based meal plans for a variety of sensitive diets.

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Is the food you’re eating helping or harming you?

How to Identify Your Hidden Food Intolerances

Fatigue, headaches, joint pain and weight gain could be caused by an overstressed digestive system. In this program, you’ll learn how to listen to your body to discover the foods that agree with you and specifically the ones that don’t. You’ll come away with a practical way to systematically remove intolerant food from your diet to promote healing from the inside out.

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The Elements: 90-Day Wellness

A comprehensive wellness program to cleanse toxins, tailored just for you! For each member we do an individual health assessment and review to recommend how you can detox in a way that’s healthy and right for your body. Most programs are one size fit all approach and we are not! Become a member to learn more about your body, nutrition, how to build a healthier lifestyle and get ongoing support from a health coach and other members on a similar journey.

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90 days to better health.

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Professional Grade Supplements


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